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Pilot Study of Naringenin for Treatment of HCV Infection Naringenin, a Compound Found in Grapefruit Naringenin Prevents Obesity, Blocks Insulin Resistance Naringenin Found to Combat Hepatitis C

Naringenin is a flavonoid that is considered to have a bioactive effect on human health as antioxidant, free radical scavenger, anti-inflammatory, carbohydrate metabolism promoter, and immune system modulator. It is the predominant flavanone in grapefruit.[1]

NEW STUDY: Naringenin inhibits the assembly and long-term production of infectious hepatitis C virus particles through a PPAR-mediated mechanism. read the Study Here

Biological effects

This substance has also been shown to reduce oxidative damage to DNA in vitro. Scientists exposed cells to 80 micromoles of naringenin per liter, for 24 hours, and found that the amount of hydroxyl damage to the DNA was reduced by 24% in that very short period of time.

Naringenin found in grapefruit juice has been shown to have an inhibitory effect on the human cytochrome P450 isoform CYP1A2, which can change pharmacokinetics in a human (or orthologous) host of several popular drugs in an adverse manner, even resulting in carcinogens of otherwise harmless substances.[2]

Naringenin has also been shown to reduce hepatitis C virus production by infected hepatocytes (liver cells) in cell culture. This seem to be secondary to Naringenin ability to inhibit the secretion of very-low-density lipoprotein by the cells.[3] The antiviral effects of naringenin are currently under clinical investigation[4].

Naringenin seems to protect LDLR-deficient mice from the obesity effects of a high-fat diet.[5]

Naringenin lowers the plasma and hepatic cholesterol concentrations by suppressing HMG-CoA reductase and ACAT in rats fed a high-cholesterol diet.[6]

Sources and bioavailability
Grapefruit, Oranges, and Tomato (skin).

The naringenin-7-glucoside form seems less bioavailable than the aglycol form.[7]
Grapefruit juice can provide much higher plasma concentrations of naringenin than orange juice.[8]
Naringenin can be absorbed from cooked tomato paste.[9]

anti-cancer and cardiovascular protective actions of Naringenin

Naringenin facilitates and accelerates apoptosis of cancer cells:

Naringenin and 17beta-estradiol coadministration prevents hormone-induced human cancer cell growth.
(pdf full article)

Naringenin and 17b-Estradiol Coadministration Prevents Hormone-Induced Human Cancer Cell Growth
(pdf full article)

Naringenin provides specific cardiovascular protection needed especially when estrogen is reduced:
Effects of long-term treatment with 8-prenylnaringenin and oral estradiol on GH–IGF-1 axis and lipid metabolism
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